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You buy it, we build it!

Professional assembly of: home or office furniture, exercise equipment, playground equipment, swingsets, game tables, grills, bicycles, and more!





You name it, we’ve assembled it!

Don’t spend hours or days trying to figure out complicated assembly instructions for your purchases. Whether you’ve bought a bookcase from IKEA, a Play Set from Costco, a Basketball Hoop from Sports Authority, a Swing Set from Toys R Us, or a dresser from, we can save you the time and frustration.

Have an unfinished assembly project laying around taking up room?
We can pick up where you left off and get it completed so you can start enjoying your purchase!

We come right to you and assemble it for you.

No hassles, no headaches!

Just start by filling out the Free Estimate Form and we will get back to you in a timely manner.


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